Closing a chapter...

I wish I could be delivering happier news here, but I need to announce my decision to close at the end of this year. There were many things that worked well, but ultimately, I have not been able to sustain the financial demands along with balancing the many responsibilities of a sole business owner.

Making art is creating a love no one can ever take away from you. The power it holds for connecting us to our mind and spirit is what guided me to see if I could make a community art space like this work. Unfortunately, on my own I haven't been able to wear all of the many hats needed to grow the business in the way I originally envisioned and make enough money doing it.

I've made the painful decision to close down at the end of December.
I aim to continue offering my teaching services in other venues as well as commissioned work as my schedule will allow.

Inherent in the creative process is risk. These two are inextricably linked. Things don't work out sometimes, but no act of creativity is ever wasted.

I've carried a lot of grief over the death of what feels like a living thing, But I have been trying to focus more on the gratitude for having had the chance to try. I'm so deeply grateful for the relationships that have graced my life because of this place. There has been so much love, beauty, learning and connection created in this space by the artists passing through.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who supported the idea by commissioning a painting, taking a class, telling a friend about the space, donating art supplies, or coming in on a Sunday to make something.

The last Open Studio Sunday is on Dec. 18th from 12-5pm.  So stop by one more time and make something!

There will probably be some lightly used materials to peruse as well.

With a grateful heart, I am wishing all of you an extra loving holiday season with your family and friends.