About the Owner


My name is Madeline Glaspey. Welcome to Find Your Light Art School! 

For the last 17 years, my life has been focused on the visual arts.  In 7th grade, at the age of twelve, I was introduced to drawing and painting and it awakened something in me. My wonderfully supportive middle-school art teachers encouraged my interest and made me feel like I had talent. (It was a relief to feel like I was good at something!) I learned that the more I practiced the better I became and the more satisfying and exciting the process felt!  And, at a critical time in my personal growth, art provided that much needed boost in self-esteem.  

I took what I learned in middle school and continued to build my skills with a visual arts major at Milwaukee High School of the Arts. High school was followed in 2013 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California. 

I find joy in pushing paint around the canvas; creating line, experimenting with color, light and shape. It's difficult to imagine a life for myself that is not focused on the visual arts. Every time I go to my easel I feel grateful for my art-immersed education. From kindergarten to college, I was taught by teachers who shared their love of the arts with me.

Research validates the following every time it is tested: Participation in the arts supports and enhances personal and intellectual growth, especially for children. I believe art has the power to transform lives and hearts. It enriches our emotional world and our connection to culture, history and to others; it humanizes us. My teachers were likely guided  by those same truths. It is at the center of what inspires me to teach art. I can’t think of a better way to give back and to honor the teachers whose expert tutelage enriched my life in countless ways.

Painting is a light in my life. It all began in that middle school art room. My path was set some time ago. All roads have led me here to you. I am eager and ready to help you, "Find Your Light"!


  • To teach the fine arts by providing a solid foundation in the basics like drawing, color theory, composition and proper use of tools.
  • To welcome beginners, serious aspiring artists as well as the artist who paints for the pure enjoyment of it.  There will be various course pathways to appeal to all. 
  • To offer workshops led by experienced artists who work in the surrounding community.
  • To provide interactive, person-to-person guidance, as you work.
  • To work with local schools to promote the fine arts for students.
  • To provide a place where both novice and experienced artists can gather in an environment of mutual respect; where each may feel inspired by the other.
  • To provide a gallery experience for emerging artists and scheduled events for community artists to share their work with the public.

About the Art School

There are any number of ways in which to learn how to draw, sketch and paint. It can be enjoyable to take a break from the typically solitary  experience and paint in the company of other artists.  Sharing your skills and talents and learning from others' are advantages that self-study doesn't have.  Join the Find Your Light Art School community with either a formal class or stop in for Open Studio Sundays from Noon-5pm.