• Drawing/sketching with pencil and/or charcoal 
  • Working with paint, canvas and tools
  • Understanding color and value

Courses may be 1, 2 or 3 hours long for a set number of weeks.  These courses will help you understand concepts like perspective, line, form, proportion, shape, composition, point of light, etc. Important drawing principles are the building blocks of every painting and are addressed in every class. A clear appreciation for these concepts can greatly improve your drawings and paintings.  With each project you are learning to see as an artist and building skills. 

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Desire        Direction        Commitment     Practice    Practice     Practice!

"I would liken these classes to a journey. I do not wish to tell you which path to take, but rather to supply you with the tools you may need along your way." 

Madeline Glaspey

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”                                Vincent Van Gogh

Classes for kids and teens

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Portrait        Still Life     Clothed Figure        Quickstudies       Composition

Private Tutoring

Reserve time with the artist for personalized instruction and guidance to meet your  goals and objectives. Drawing or painting lessons can be customized to your interests. Private tutoring is for students of all levels and experience, adults and children 7 years and older. Take your skills to the next level and on your schedule. Please contact the artist regarding the best time to schedule the lesson prior to making your purchase.  Use the "Contact" page on this site.


Edward Hopper


Work on any project of your choosing in the company of other artists.  Bring your own project and supplies or try out the studio's. There is no class structure, there is no formal instruction, but there is plenty to gain from connecting with and working alongside other creative minds like your own. Studio is open during normal business hours:  Sun 11-4pm.  Purchase time by the hour here or pay in person via cash, check, or card. You will receive a punch card upon arrival for keeping track of used time. Open studio time is $5 per hour. 

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(Age 11 years and up.)